Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam

Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam. Hajj is the fifth and final pillar of Islam. It is performed in the month of Zil-hajj for which Muslims travel to Makkah. Hajj will be performed by those whose body is able to perform. After performing the hajj the past sins of the person will be removed. Every […]

Sharia: The Islamic Laws

Sharia: The Islamic Laws. Sharia is the Islamic law that Allah Almighty has made for Muslims. So that they can follow these laws and implement the Sharia in their daily life. The term sharia is referred to the set of laws set by Allah almighty for Muslims. And follow those rules and implement them in […]

Laylat al Qadr

Laylat al Qadr. Laylat al Qadr is the night of forgiveness. This night comes on the 27th of Ramadan. Laylat al Qadr the night which has more value than 1000s of nights. This is the night on which the first five ayats of the Quran are revealed on Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Laylat al Qadr is […]

Ramadan: The holy month.

Ramadan Ramadan is the ninth holy month of the Islamic calendar. This is a significant month in the Islamic calendar, and Muslims around the world will be ready to fast in this holy month. It is the month of blessing. In this month Muslims don’t easy after sunrise till sunset. In this time they pray […]

What is Halal?

What is Halal in Islam? Halal is an Arabic term that means permissible or legal. So, it is the nutritional norm, as prescribed in the Qur’an, in terms of food (the Muslim scripture). Haram, which means illegal or forbidden, is the total opposite of halal. So, halal and haram are words that can be applied […]