About Online Quran Academy

is an online academy registered in the Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It’s the pioneer among all the online Quran reading and learning service providers. Alqalam Quran Academy isn’t just a few on-line Quran tutoring service providers, rather it was initiated and is presently run by the executive of Alqalam academy along with his broad vision and knowledge within the High tech business and running educational institutions, he planned the concept of Alaqalam on-line Quran Academy that has become a brand at this time.

The experienced tutors at Alaqalam online Quran Academy share the vision of their CEO and believe that the prestigious duty of providing Quran education should be performed with utmost dedication and commitment. Moreover, the organization additionally believes that the method of learning should be as easy and facilitating as possible.

The seasoned school and therefore the vision that Alaqalam on-line Quran Academy has made. It is the first selection of the parents once it involves teaching their children about Islam and Quran.

Our mission is to spread the message of Allah to every Muslim. So that they know what ALLAH is asking to do in real life. We as a Quran online Academy are not willing to make money from this. But we think that teaching Quran to those people who don’t know how to read is more reliable for all the teachers who are part of this organization.

Alqalam Online Quran Academy is one of the leading Quran Academy in Pakistan. Which is providing the online Quran classes in all over the World

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