June 2, 2022

Dawah – And its Importance



Dawah is an open invite to Allah, to the truth, and to Allah’s proper path. The creator of heaven and earth, our inventor, and the source of all favors, benefits, and livelihood in our lives, has decreed. Allah is the one who created us and then sent messengers like Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad(S.A.W) to summon mankind to worship Him alone. If we believe it, we will devote our whole lives to informing others about the beauty of Islam and the truth. Regardless of the difficulties associated with dawah, there are a bunch of reasons why one should participate in it. So, in this post, we will learn more about Dawah. What makes the Muslim country the greatest nation. The qualities of the caller to Allah, and some of the advantages of Dawah.

Significance of Dawah

Dawah refers to you and demonstrates that you are a genuine human being. Not a self-centered someone who knows the route to Jannah (heaven) but refuses to share it with others. If you hide the way, you’re simply being selfish and prideful. Prophet Mohammad (peace  be upon him) said “Whoever hides knowledge by which Allah benefits  people in their affairs of religion, Allah will bridle him on the Day of  Resurrection with a bridle from the Hellfire.”

The benefits of Dawah are enormous. As a result, your faith and relationship with Allah the Almighty will be strengthened. Keep track of how many times you used the phrase “Allah” while telling them about Allah.

Even after you pass away, you will continue to do good and untold actions. You will still get a reward if you teach your child or someone else how to do wudu (Islamic ablution), pray, or even recite Surat Al-Fatiha.