Who We Are?

We are Al-Qalam online Quran academy which is providing the online Quran learning facilities to the students who are willing to learn the Quran and as a Muslim, it is our major duty to teach the Quran. We are providing the facilities to the students who are living in foreign countries where teachers are not available with a lot of facilities. So, our mission is to deliver our Quran experience to the students who want to learn the Quran. Our mission is to spread this beautiful holy book of Allah to every house so that every Muslim should know about the importance of this Holy Book. Our Pivot Motivation is Spreading Quran Whole over the World. Share us with Muslim community Help us Spreading

How I can register?

Please just give us the registration from any of the available resources like Facebook, Whatsapp, Directly through the Contact us Form. We’ll reach you via e-mail or by phone shortly. Both registrations and requests have an answer time of 24 hours. Our dedicated Tech Department will assist you with the installation of apps and provide you with a free live demo about how it operates. There is no registration or entry charge. You have a free trial for 1 Week, allowing you to test our services. After the free trial, you may pay a small amount according to the class timetable, you are not allowed to offer any credit card details for a free trial.

What is Fee Structure?

Alqalam online Quran academy is not working in this field only for fee purposes. For this Religion activity, we are highly encouraged to work and teach people the Quran with only one purpose and motivation which is to help Muslims to learn Quran. Basic fee packages are mentioned on the website and those students who cannot afford can directly contact us through Whatsapp or Facebook from the website.

Course Duration

Quran Learning is the Subject in which we cannot include any Timeapan. Every person has his own capability of learning the Quran. Our expert staff is highly motivated to make people able to learn Quran as soon as possible so they can read it and then they can also teach it to others. This is Religion purpose motivation so Help us in learning and Teaching Quran Everywhere.

How I can enroll in free trial classes?

Just send us a Quick text on WhatsApp with your skype id and also tell us a time slot for the class schedule we will schedule it as soon as possible so you can start learning directly online through skype or any other easy platform.

Where are you located?

Alqalam Online Quran Academy is located in Pakistan and having existence on the internet everywhere. It does not matter from which country you are. Just the thing matter is you want to learn the Quran.

What are extra services?

Online Quran With Tajweed,  Muslim Responsibilities, How we can work in the community to make people understand Islam, Duas , Namaz , Tarjama and Tafseer, Daily life Ethics in the light of Islam.