Hadith And Sunnah

Assalam-O-Alaikum! Hadith means the recorded sayings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). For a Muslim, it is a must to know the sayings of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). Our Holy Prophet informs us about each and everything, what is Halal (allow) in Islam, what is Haram (not allowed), what is sin, and what is best. Sunnah is like habitual practice. For all of us Muslims, the life of our Holy Prophet is a pathway to go on. We must follow the habits of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). To get the blessings of Allah Almighty we must follow our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) life and habits. We must know all the Hadith of our Holy Prophet(PBUH).

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Hadith and Sunnah
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Hadith and Sunnah are generally taken as synonymous terms. This is not a correct impression. The words Hadith and Sunnah have entirely different connotations, and each one holds a different status in the Shariah. If we assign the same meaning to both the terms, it would create a lot of complications. So for a proper understanding of the science of Hadith, therefore, it is necessary to know precisely the difference between Hadith and Sunnah. Hadith is implied the narration of a saying, or of an act, or of approval of the Prophet (SAW), irrespective of whether the matter is authenticated or still disputed. Sunnah is the habit or whatever Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) did in Islam is known as-Sunnah. So, the overall structure of Islam has been raised and completed through the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).