Hafiz Quran

Hafiz Quran

Quran memorization is the dream of each Muslim. it’s an act of worship through that one seeks the reward within the Hereafter. A Hafiz Quran is a keeper of the Quran and refers to an individual who has memorized the total of the Holy Quran and may recite it from his memory. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH told that a hafiz is going to be with the angels, incidental them in heaven and said:

“The one who recites the Quran and learn by heart, will be with the noble, righteous scribes( The Heaven) and the one who exerts himself to learn the Quran by heart and recite it with great difficulty, will have a double reward”.

(Sahi muslim 798).

Many people struggle with memorizing Quran and suppose that it’s a difficult task either due to their busy lives or approaching without proper preparation. So, the fact is that it can start laborious, however with religion and also the right style of help and guidance, it’ll get easier. Though, it’s better to begin at a young age because it is simpler for young kids to be told and memorize. However, anyone will memorize the Quran at any age.

Online Classes for Hafiz Quran?

So, the benefit of online Quran classes, it has now, become improbably simple to learn Quran sitting in your home from an online Quran Teacher on time that suits your schedule. You only have to register yourself and begin.

Online Quran Academies have practiced Hafiz e Quran male and female lecturers who facilitate kids and adults to Hifz Quran (memorize) in a very comfortable manner sitting in their homes.

Online Quran memorization classes are divided into three levels: for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students, and target correct Tajweed Quran rules alongside memorizing Quran.

So, in foreign countries, there is a major concept of online Quran learning. Online classes make a major impact on online Quran learning in different countries. People focus on online Quran learning. In nowadays, it easy to become a Hafiz Quran with the help of taking online Quran classes.

It’s easy to become a Hafiz Quran?

To become a Hafiz Quran it needs the full attention of the person to learn this beautiful holy book Quran. It takes time to learn the Quran by heart. So the person will be focused and committed to learning the Quran by heart.

It’s, not an easy task to learn Quran within days. It takes time to learn each and every verse and word of the Quran to learn with proper guidance and attention.


Suitable Timing to learn?

To become a Hafiz Quran you need to select the timing in which you are able to concentrate and learn the Quran in a proper way. So, the best time to learn the Quran is After Fajr prayer. So, it’s the best time for all the students who are learning the Quran in the house or somewhere else. The time after Fajr prayer is the best time to learn the Quran. And prepare yourself before reading it to your teacher.


Hafiz Quran
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