October 9, 2020

Alqalam Online Quran Academy

What is Online Quran Academy?

Online Quran Academy is the concept of Teaching students Quran Majeed Online. Academies are using online communication platforms like Skype, TeamViewer, Zoom, etc. Muslims Living in Different Non-Muslim countries is facing problems when they are trying to find a Person there for Online Quran Teaching. They need a Perfect Person for their children’s so Online Quran Academies are providing the solution. Different Online Quran Academies from Muslim countries offer their Courses of Tajweed, Hifz e Quran, Nazra, Masnoon Prayers, Kalma Namaz, etc.

People can enroll in these courses and also they can enroll in these courses for their children. These Academies are also Providing Females Teachers. The basic issue people are facing in non-muslim countries is reliability. A person who can teach proper ethics of Islam and who can make them understand what they are looking for. If they are getting someone there so there are huge charges. A person having 2 or 3 children cannot afford Teachers. Countries include the USA, UK, Australia, England, Denmark, etc. The solution to all these problems is the Online Quran Academies.

Best Online Quran Academies

  • Al-Qalam online Quran academy is the best one in Pakistan which is providing the platform for the students. Who can teach the Quran online? Al-Qalam has the most experienced team who is teaching the Quran to the students online. Al-Qalam Online Quran Academy Teachers are there to train the students in such a way that they can become good role models for society.
  • Al-Quran online Academy is also a Pakistan belonging Academy Providing 3 days of free trial classes to students. AlQuran Online Academy is also having female teachers. The fee Structure of AlQuran Online Academy is reasonable and they are also teaching poor students free of cost.
  • Al-Mazhar Quran Academy is also providing services of Online Quran Teachers. This  Quran Academy is also providing the best online Quran services. They belong to Bahawalpur Pakistan offering great services in this field. The best thing they are doing in this field is that they are also focusing on Hadith. They make students able to Hifz 40 Hadiths as well with Quran Tajweed Course.
  • Noreen Quran Academy is Providing Tajweed and Hifz courses in the field of Online Quran Academy. They are offering free trial classes for a week. They also belong to Pakistan having some unique services and reliable packages. Experienced Teachers are their identity.

Types of teachers

There are two types of teachers in the world. The first type is the type of teacher who chooses this profession just to pass their time and nothing else. They just teach the student for their interest so that they can just pass their time and earn some money so that they can support their family.

The others are those teachers who take this profession to make a good impact on the students. They want to contribute some good things to this society. The mission of that teacher is to make their student’s role models in society. So that they can become good human beings.

At the Alqalam online Quran academy, we have also trained teachers who teach the students in such a way that they will become good people in the future and no harm to society. Online Quran Academy is providing a platform to those people who don’t have any teachers so that they can learn from them. So, Alqalam is providing this platform to those people who want to learn the Quran.

Best Teachers

Al-Qalam online Quran academy is also providing the platform for the people who want to learn the Quran. The people who live in non-Muslim countries have to face this problem. That there is no teacher available in there are who can teach the Quran to them. So Al Qalam Quran academy is providing such facilities to those people so that they can learn the Quran at their home easily.


Online Quran Academy