1.Online Quran Courses Program

We find many people all over the Islamic World that they want to learn the Quran online. They are searching to find high qualified & experience teachers, so Our Online Quran Academy is the best to solve this problem. Our Alqalam Online Quran Academy is determined to provide efficient ways of online Quran reading and learning. Our goal is to enable students to succeed in their life to learn Quran to others. This is a best way for learning Quran .

2. How to Join Classes?

You can join class at any time by just sending us a text on WhatsApp number


3.Why Online Quran Program?

We offer online Quran courses

  1. Nazra e Quran
  2. Hifz e Quran
  3. Masnoon Duain
  4. Kalma/Namaz
  5. Tafseer and Tajweed
  6. Noorani Qaida
  7. Hadith and Sunnah

All these courses are Easy to Learn. Just need your attention towards learning and reading. We are persistent in learning and reading these program targeted at addressing the most use. These courses are very useful in your daily life.

4. Course Methodology

Alqalam online Quran Academy uses video streaming, screen sharing, apps, and multi-way audio to make the Quran teaching process as interactive as possible. As a result, the course schedule in this Online Quran Teaching Academy is incredibly flexible, and students can arrange their classes in any way they like. We now allow you to study the Quran on a PC, laptop, or any Android device. As a result, we have made it simple for you to learn Quran from anywhere.

We also teach Online Quran on Skype and Zoom. Also, you can contact on WhatsApp number.

5. Classes Time Table

Regular Program

Classes on Mon, Tues Wed, Thursday and Friday 30 minutes daily

Weekend Program

Classes on Sat, Sun

6. Courses Fees

Regular Program:

USA Fees: $ 60/-

UK Fees: £ 40/-

Canada Fees: CAN $ 70/-

Weekend Program:

USA Fees: $ 40/-

UK Fees: £ 30/-

Canada Fees: CAN $ 45 /-