Hifz E Quran Course

Hifz-e-Quran! This course is an important one for all of us because it will help us to live the life of a true Muslim and will help us on the day of Judgment(Qayamat). In Muslim society, those who are Hifz-e-Quran have more respect. Because we all Muslims love the Holy Quran, That’s why we respect those who have our Holy Book Quran in their hearts.

The Holy Quran is the pathway for all of us. It has information about every field of life such as Justice, rights and punishments, etc. Hifz e Quran is not that easy it requires a big heart to store. We are teaching Quran online throughout the world. We have Hafiz-e-Quran who will share how they became Hafiz that will help you to learn faster.

Our academy has experienced teachers which are teaching the Holy Quran to the students by Heart. So that they can learn the Quran by heart. Parents who want their child to learn the Quran by heart can hire us. We have the pleasure to teach your child.

Fee of the course

3-7 Trial Classes
5 Classes per Week(Mon-Fri)
from $50 / Month
3 Classes Per Week(Your Choice)
from $40 / Month
Weekend Classes (Sat-Sun)
from $30 / Month

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