Nazara E Quran

Nazara E Quran Course

Nazra-e-Quran is the course of recitation of the Holy Quran. Nazra means reciting the Holy Quran by looking at the Holy Book. The recitation of the Holy Quran daily will have blessings of Allah on us. The Holy Quran is an important Book for All of us. Holy Quran is not for a specific.

So, we have high qualified Islamic teachers who will teach you each and everything you should know about. We will try to deliver our best.

So, the word Quran appears about 70 times in the Quran itself, assuming various meanings. It is a verbal noun (maṣdar) of the Arabic verb qaraʼa, meaning “he read” or “he recited”. The Syriac equivalent is qeryānā, which refers to “scripture reading” or “lesson”. While some Western scholars consider the word to be derived from the Syriac, the majority of Muslim authorities hold the origin of the word is qaraʼa itself. Regardless, it had become an Arabic term by Muhammad’s lifetime.

So, an important meaning of the word is the “act of reciting”, as reflected in an early Quranic passage: “It is for Us to collect it and to recite it (qurʼān). In other verses, the word refers to “an individual passage recited [by Muhammad]”.  The word may also assume the meaning of a codified scripture when mentioned with other scriptures such as the Torah and Gospel.

So, Nazra is about reading the Quran with full translation and explanation. To understand the Quran then we have to learn it nazara as well. Nazara-e-Quran is important to understand what Allah is saying in the Holy Quran

nazara e quran

Fee of the course

3-7 Trial Classes
5 Classes per Week(Mon-Fri)
from $50 / Month
3 Classes Per Week(Your Choice)
from $40 / Month
Weekend Classes (Sat-Sun)
from $30 / Month

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