September 28, 2020

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad becomes the prophet and founder of Islam. Most of his adolescence become spent as a merchant. At the age of 40, he commenced owning revelations from Allah that have become the premise for the Quran and Islam. By 630 he had unified most of Arabia below one religion. As of 2015, there are over 1.8 billion Muslims in the international who profess, “There isn’t always any God however Allah, Muhammad is his prophet.”

Muhammad is that the last messenger of Allah sent on earth. The holy book of the Quran is unconcealed on Him (S.A.W) as the last Holy book of Allah. Muhammad (S.A.W) is out of the four and also the last Prophet on that the Holy Books are revealed. and therefore the most beautiful and the last book is the Quran that is revealed on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

So, Allah’s Messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is the role model for all the people in the world. He (S.A.W) is the best man in the world. 1.8 billion Muslims believe that is the last messenger of ALLAH and no other messenger will come till the day of judgment.

At the age of 40, the first 5 verses of the Quran is revealed on him in the cave where Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) appears and relayed the words of Allah:Recite in the name of your Lord who created – Created man from a clinging substance. Recite and your Lord is the Most Generous – Who taught by the pen – Taught man that which he knew not.” [Quran, 96: 1-5]

Muhammad S.A.W is very kind to the people he meets with them. He is the role model for all human beings in the world. We Muslim follows him and implements that thing in our daily life. He(S.A.W)  never misguide anyone in every situation. He (S.A.W)  never lies in his whole life. So it is our duty to follow Him (S.A.W).