Quran Online Classes

Quran Classes Online.

Al-Qalam online Quran academy teaching Quran for almost 5 years in the market as an online Quran academy. Alqalam Quran academy is one of the best Quran academy in Pakistan. Al-Qalam online Quran academy is giving the online Quran classes through Skype in all over the world.

The concept of online Quran classes is increasing day by day. As there are so many Muslims in the Foreign countries where they have no facility to learn the Quran. So, online Quran classes are one of the best ways to learn the Quran sitting at home without any hard work. Online Classes are the best facility for those students who have to learn the Quran without going anywhere.

Al-Qalam online Quran academy is providing this facility all over the world for almost 5 years. Our passion is to spread the message of ALLAH in all over the world to educate people what ALLAH saying in this beautiful holy book Quran.

Al-Qalam Quran academy is leading in the field of online Quran teaching. Al-Qalam Quran academy is providing the Platform for those students who are not able to learn Quran from the tutor. So, we as an online Quran academy are providing those students a platform where they can learn the Quran without going anywhere.

Our main focus is on foreign countries where there are so many Muslims but they have no place to worship and to learn the Quran. So we are happy to teach those students so that they also know the message of ALLAH. And learn this beautiful book of ALLAH.

Alqalam online Quran academy has an experienced team which is teaching students for almost five years. We have also female teachers for female students. So that they feel comfortable and learn Quran more effectively and easily.


Quran Online Classes