Qurani Ayats.

Qurani Ayats in Quran is one of the Holy Books of Allah which he revealed on his Prophets. Here you can learn Qurani Ayats on the daily basis. We can provide you the different Qurani ayat which can teach you some lessons. And you can implement those lessons in your life. Al -Qalam online Quran Academy is the online Quran Academy that is teaching the students for the last 5 years. So, that every Muslim can learn this Holy Book of ALLAH and implement those lessons in their daily life.

Some of the articles we can upload on a daily basis so that you can learn the Qurani Ayats. And implement it in your daily life. Quran is the word of Allah which he revealed on Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Quran is the book of guidance for the people. Allah revealed the Quran so that people can learn and find the purpose of their living.

Qurani ayats is the verses of the Holy Quran which we are uploading on a daily basis so that you can learn that verse easily. And implement it in your daily life so that you can make your life better. In Quran, there are 30 chapters and 114 surahs which Allah has revealed on HIS beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. There are 86 surahs who are Makki and 28 surahs are Madani Surahs. This means the surahs which are revealed on Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in Makkah are called Makki surahs. And which are revealed in Madina are called Madni surahs.

Summary of Quranic Articles