Tips for memorizing Quran

Tips for memorizing Quran

Tips for memorizing the Quran we all want to stay close to the Quran and one realistic way to do it. So is to memorize Allah’s words. Many women have sought to memorize the Quran, but have found themselves unable to do so. Many women are overwhelmed and question whether they will ever accomplish this almost insurmountable task. Whether it be due to family responsibilities, work/study demands, or merely a lack of self-discipline. So, here are few helpful suggestions to assist you in your attempt to memorize the Quran:

In this article, you know the tips for memorizing the Quran so that by using these tips you can memorize the Quran by heart. Following are some tips you should follow to memorize Quran by heart.

Learn fewer lines of the Quran.

The first tip for memorizing the Quran is to start will fewer lines so that you can learn it easily. A thousand-mile path starts with a single move. Commit to memorizing just a few lines at a time, and just add more than that when you’re ready. This will make it easier for you to absorb and will allow you to gradually increase your speed.

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Consistency is the major key.

Consistency is the most important part of any aim or habit you wish to develop, and memorizing the Quran is no exception. Making it a routine to devote a certain amount of time each day to the Quran. Consistency is the major tips for memorizing the Quran if you are not consistent you can’t learn Quran easily. To start with, make sure it’s realistic and compact. For the next 30 days, focus on improving this habit. Commit to 20 minutes of Quran time after Fajr, while your children are resting, or before going to work or university. If you can hold this up for 30 days, then steadily rise. If you can’t, consider mixing it up. Instead, set aside 10 minutes while the kids are at school and you are left at home.

Don’t forget to revise daily.

It’s basically 80 percent revision and 20 percent memorization when it comes to memorizing the Quran. Divide the time you spend reading the Quran by the ratio. When you memorize more, this becomes more necessary. You’re dumping water into a cup with a hole if you keep memorizing without adequately revising what you’ve memorized.

Have a Teacher.

On this path, you won’t be alone. Get a memorizing partner or a trainer in the same boat as you, and keep each other accountable. This not only makes the process more fun but also lets you stay on track.

Good Intention for memorizing the Quran.

Finally, the most important thing to remember before focusing on this trip is your inspiration. Always bear in mind that your goal is to satisfy Allah and get closer to His words.

Abu Hurairah (radhiAllahu anhu) narrated: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Allah does not look at your figures, nor at your attire but He looks at your hearts [and deeds].”


Tips for memorizing Quran