quran tafseer

Quran Tafseer

Quran Tafseer The term ‘tafsir’ is derived from the root word ‘fassara,’ which means to explain or expand. As a result,  Quran Tafseer refers to the explanations or interpretations of the Quran’s passages. The Tafsir of the Quran is not something done by someone with normal intellect and comprehension of Islam; rather, it is done…


What is Halal?

What is Halal in Islam? Halal is an Arabic term that means permissible or legal. So, it is the nutritional norm, as prescribed in the Qur’an, in terms of food (the Muslim scripture). Haram, which means illegal or forbidden, is the total opposite of halal. So, halal and haram are words that can be applied…


What is Islam?

What is Islam? Islam is a faith. If one desires to understand the solution to the question “what is Islam?” in plain words we will outline Islam as follows; “The religion of Islam means that the acceptance of and obedience to those teachings of Allah that He unconcealed to His Last Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W. The…