Memorize Quran by heart

Memorize Quran by heart.

Memorize Quran by heart is the dream of every Muslim kid. Quran memorization is not an easy process. Average kids memorize it in a minimum of 3 years process. Quran memorization is a work of Prophets. In the old days when there is no facility to write down the Ayats of the Quran on paper. So, everyone memorizes it by heart so that they can spread the message of Allah all over the world.

Quran memorization is not an easy process because the Quran is in the Arabic language and no one can speak it properly. So, you need a teacher who can teach you the Quran in an easy way. Every parent wants their child to memorize the Quran by heart. Learning Quran by heart is a dream for every Muslim parent that their child becomes hafiz e Quran. The importance of the Hafiz e Quran is so high that no one can near to that person who memorizes the Quran by heart.

As a Muslim, memorize the Quran by heart with Tahfeez and tajweed is our duty. It is the duty of our Ummah to help people in the community hold this holy book in their hearts. If the Holy Book of Allah has been memorized by a Muslim, it becomes the duty of having it set and recalling it for the entire life.

Our Academy

Here at Alqalam online Quran Academy, we are here to memorize the Quran by heart to your child. We have experienced male and female teachers who can teach you the Quran in a way that you can learn it easily. You are in a right place to memorize the Quran by heart. So, we are providing free trial classes for new students. First, you can take the free trial classes from us. If you are satisfied with us we can move forward then.

Rules for Memorize Quran by heart online.


In memorization of the Quran by heart, the important thing is the pronunciation. If you do not pronounce the word properly then the meaning of the word will be changed. This is not a good thing because we cannot change the words of Allah.

It was taught from Jibreel (PBUH) by the Messenger of Allah, and the Sahabah learned it from the Prophet. It was then turned over to the next generation of Ummah.

Only by listening to someone who reads well or has fully memorized the Quran will precise pronunciation be learned. It is only possible to learn the Quran from the right teacher.


One who memorize the Quran by heart should never switch to the next verse until the previous section has been accurately recalled. To memorize the verses properly, it might help to recite them in all prayers.

They can be found in Nafil prayers as well. Via this, online Quran memorization would be simpler.

No hurry.

In memorization of the Quran, there is no need to hurry to read and learn. He can not turn to another surah after memorizing a surah until he has perfectly memorized the previous one from beginning to end and can recite it fluently without overthinking. Memorization of the Quran by heart is not an easy process. So, you need to understand the world than learn it by heart.

Age of a Kid.

The age of a kid is a major factor in memorizing Quran by heart. The best time to memorize the Quran is between 10 years to 15 years of a kid’s age. At this age, kids learn and understand the thing easily. So, this is the best time to memorize the Quran by heart.


Memorize Quran by heart